How to win Attractive Prizes


To win any prizes, Participants must, during the MYDCF period, perform the following:

  1. Go to from PC via Chrome, Edge, Firefox or any browsers or from any mobile with browser feature
  2. Launch and register for Gamified Expo (“Platform”) from
  3. The Participant will be prompt for Full Name, Email Address, Valid Mobile Number, Age Group, Preferred Language, Country, State, and Occupation Status.
  4. The Participant need to verify the registration via the email received to continue.
  5. Participant is required to perform the registration to receive the prizes won in the activities as well as receiving the prizes from MYDCF Gamified Expo

The 4 methods to win a prize

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Passport Quest
  • Live Trivia Questions
  • Reward Machines

The 4 methods to win a PRIZE

The 4 methods to win a PRIZE

Treasure Hunt

  • Registered Participant must participant in the LIVE streaming event for image of the hidden Redeem Code (“CODE”) at random hour.
  • The Participant must find the image by exploring all the zones on the platform and click on the image to reveal the code.
  • The Participant need to go to the NPC (Tristan) to check if they had collected all the codes.
  • If all the codes are collected, the NPC (Tristan) will display “You have collected all the codes, please enter the code in the form for the running of PlayStation 5”
  • A [OK] button will pop up and the participants will click on it which bring them to a Google form to fill in the details for the draw

Passport Quest

  • Participants need to complete the following quest to have the passport stamped:

\ a. Visit at least 40 booths

\ b. Watch at least 5 stage events for the code and give it to relevant NPC

\ c. Help out the Level Up Characters with their problems

\ d. Catch at least 2 ESPORTS tournaments for the code and give it to the relevant NPC

\ e. Completed 2,000 m in various halls

  • Visit the NPC (Phazer) at Guide to REWARDS zone to track the progress of the participants.
  • Once the participants completed all the QUESTS, they need to come back to this NPC (Phazer) to confirm their participation in the GRAND PRIZE of PlayStation 5.

Live Trivia Questions

  • Registered Participant must participant in the Live Streaming Event for the Trivia.
  • Participants are to answer the online trivia questions to win the prizes immediately.
  • Participants need to go to NPC (Trivia) to put in their answers to claim the rewards within 30 minutes.

Reward Machines

  • Registered Participant must participant in these activities by “Tokens” to unlock the real rewards and the virtual rewards.
  • Tokens are available from “Login” to the Gamefied Expo daily or complete the different quests with different NPCs allocated in various zones daily.
  • There are three different Rewards Machine with difference prize categories namely:

* Red Reward Machine: Main Lobby – Real Rewards

* Yellow Reward Machine: PUBG Zone – In-Game currency or rewards

* Blue Reward Machine: Comic Festival Zone – Vouchers

where the participants can spend the tokens